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When purchasing sod from our farm you will receive consistent and uniform 10 square foot rolls that are both contractor and homeowner friendly. For larger projects, we also offer big roll option, call us today for more options, 4 feet wide and up to 125 feet long, that way you can pack up to 500 feet in a roll. Whether you're a home owner or contractor, we offer installation services. The advantage for the big roll system is that is saves you time on that big project.

Our seed is specifically selected for our northern climate. This special seed has been noted for its sports turf ability to withstand the harshest conditions. Our specific blends' re-cooperative capacity makes it a prime choice for any sports turf application.
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Kentucky Bluegrass is one of the most popular cool-season grasses. One of the biggest advantages of Kentucky bluegrass is its system of rhizomes; aggressive underground stems that spread and quickly repair damaged areas without having to re-seed. These rhizomes allow Kentucky Bluegrass to survive months of drought. The lawn may look dead, only to quickly emerge from the protected rhizomes when sufficient water is again available. Our variety has also been and tested on the Denver BRONCOS and the Colorado ROCKIES fields.

Pallet Packer

Please watch the videos below to learn what and how the Pallet Packer can help you!
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