Wildflower Sod and Ground Covers Services in Southwest Montana


What is Perennial Wildflower Sod?

Summit Valley Turfs Wildflower sod is a lush mat of wildflower plants. We grow these flowers in sod form. Wildflower sod is easily laid in place. The plants grown in our mixes need at least 4 hours of sunlight per day, and because they are native to the Rocky Mountains they must have a cold winter to properly vernalize.

Why Wildflower Sod?

Wildflowers are a popular alternative to a manicured garden. Wildflower gardens are becoming more popular because they are low maintenance requiring little water and reduce mowing frequency once established. Unlike popular belief, wildflowers are difficult to germinate from seed (most have a germination rate of 50 to 70%). Wildflower sod is the perfect answer because over 3/4 of the seeds are already germinated and grown 4-6 inches.

When should I plant Wildflower Sod?

Wildflower Sod can be planted any time during the growing season. First you need to spray all existing vegetation out of the area in which you want wildflowers. It may take you a few times to make sure that you have killed everything. Remember, thousands of weed seeds lay dormant in the dirt. After you have killed the weeds, rototill the area 4-6 inches. If you have poor soils, you may want to add compost. We suggest 3 yards of compost per 1000 square feet. You may then lay or plug the sod. Make sure to keep the wildflowers wet so that they may establish a root system just like grass sod. For outstanding results you may want to use a fertilizer such as Miracle Gro. In the fall, mow foliage to 4 inches. This will redistribute the seed, making a larger bed of wildflowers in the following year. Remember, if the winter is dry, water your wildflowers a few times so that their roots stay moist.

Perennial Wildflower Sod is always changing!

Perennial Wildflower Sod is changing continuously. We use an extremely large quantity of seeds per tray so that you will see a vast aray of new flowers all summer long! Over a long period of time, wildflowers will compete with each other. When this happens you may want to replug or reseed with different varieties of wildflowers.

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