Soil Preparation in Southwest Montana

Packer - Soil preparation in Whitehall, MT
Step 1 - Rough grade is the process in which proper site drainage and construction of any berms is established. Proper drainage away from the house is critical to protect your home, walks, drives, and septic systems.

Step 2 - Soil Preparation should include a minimum of 3 cubic yards of compost per 1,000 square feet tilled into the soil at a minimum depth of 4-6 inches. Borders or tight corners may need to be worked by hand.

Step 3 - Final grade is the process of leveling the site by filling low areas or lowering high areas. The soil height along sidewalks and edger's should be 1 inch from the top. Take special care in leveling your yard, if you don't get all the bumps out they will show up.

Step 4 - Special Amendments such as phosphate (11-52-00) a root stimulant or a starter fertilizer may be applied at this time. This is where your soil test is useful. Never put high nitrogen fertilizer on new sod, this could burn the root and kill the grass!

Step 5 - It's time for SOD! Tools needed are a string line, knife, and rake. Always keep your lines straight and joints tight, never overlap. A staggered pattern makes for a neatly done job

Step 6 - Keep it moist! Depending on weather conditions you will need water your new sod every day 2-3 weeks. Not enough water stresses new lawn.

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